How to Choose the Best Fire Escape Ladder

fire escape ladder for homeMaking the choice to purchase the best fire escape ladder or ladders for your home means you understand that fire escape planning is just as important as fire detection.

Multi-story homes present challenges in the event of a fire emergency, especially if access to a first floor exit is blocked by heavy smoke or flames.

While one third of American households believe they have at least 6 minutes to respond to a fire, the U.S. Fire Administration states it only takes 30 seconds for a small fire to become a fully involved major fire. By the time you hear any smoke detection devices sounding the alarm, how fast could you get your family out?

A fire escape ladder located in each upstairs bedroom or at either end of an upstairs hallway, in partnership with organized family fire escape planning, makes you better prepared to handle an emergency.

Choosing the Best Fire Escape Ladder for Your Home

Fire Escape Ladder MeasurementsThere are two important steps in selecting the best fire escape ladder for your home. The first is the distance from your escape route window to the ground.

This will determine the length of the fire escape ladder you need to buy specific to your home. Multiple story homes require different ladder lengths as shown in the diagram below.

The second step is measuring the width and the thickness of your escape route window. You want to be sure that any fire escape ladder selection will accommodate your specific window thickness — see how to measure your window depth and thickness at right.

Each manufacturer’s product will have a designed weight limit with most being around 1,000 pounds. This should be incorporated into your family fire escape planning as to who will exit first and how many can safely exit on a ladder at one time.

Practicing the escape planning both during daylight and night time hours will make you better prepared in the event of a fire emergency.

1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor and 4th Floor Height Examples

best fire escape ladder for home